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Start Accepting Credit Cards

As retail and other customer service oriented businesses develop an electronic presence, it is becoming as important to accept and process electronic payments as it is accepting credit cards. While accepting electronic payments is important, it is essential that the payment system fit the business. A "one size fits all" mentality does not work for accounting practices in business. Each business has unique features and needs an electronic payment processing system that can handle their unique requirements.

Major Processing specializes in ecommerce solutions that are as unique as each business they serve. Their systems can be customized to process all electronic payments from checks and credit cards to on-line and mail order processing. They offer low fees and are compatible with all major Point-of-Sales (POS) systems.

Payment Processing

Major Processing has one of the best credit card processing systems in the industry. The terminals accept the major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover, as well as Diners Club, and JCB. Debit cards are processed in the same manner with funds being debited directly from the customer's checking account. Businesses that accept checks are able to convert the check into an electronic transaction at the POS. The transaction is then routed through the same Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) at banks use, automatically debiting the customer's checking account and crediting the business' account.

Accept Credit Cards Today

Merchants will find that we can provide ecommerce systems, including credit and debit card processing and Check by Net, which allows businesses to print the customer's check after receiving the information through a secure website. For businesses using phone and fax, there is a Check by Phone option as well.

Electronic Check Processing

Nearly fifty million Americans are unable to obtain a credit card, making it essential for many businesses to accept checks. Major Processing uses a system that processes checks electronically allowing businesses to skip a trip to the bank to make check deposits. Instead, checks are electronically deposited into the business account. Deposits are generally ready for withdraw from the business account in two business days. Unlike a paper check, the transaction is guaranteed regardless of whether funds are available in the customer's account.

Credit Card Processing
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Virtual Merchant / Virtual Terminal Through Your Phone - We Set You Up!
Mobile / Virtual Credit Card Swipe

Online merchant accounts have special needs. The Gateway Solutions Suite is the industry leading stand-alone payment system that supports electronic credit, check and cash payments on-line. Businesses can choose between a certified PCI-compliant Gateway system and a Virtual Terminal for secure processing of all Internet transactions for business. The systems work with all types of IP connections including broadband, cable or leased line connections. Major Processing can ensure connectivity to nearly any POS device in the United States.

Mobile / Virtual Credit Card Swipe

While the traditional on-line payment is by credit or debit card, businesses can also accept checks as payments, which are processed in real time. Major Processing's service includes TeleCheck and its associated warranties. Real time approval improves efficiency and increases revenue by offering excellent fraud protection, quick funding, and low-cost integration into existing systems.

POS Equipment Sales and Leasing

Major Processing works with all the major third party providers to help retailers customize their POS solutions. VeriFone, Micros are just two of the carriers Major Processing works with to help their customers' process payments quickly and efficiently. For web orders businesses, Major Processing offers the First Data Global Gateway, which is an internet based system that requires no software installation and minimal training. Retailers simply log-in and begin processing payments with the knowledge they have top notch support. For businesses that utilize mobile card processing, ROAMpay will meet most processing needs. Unlike other systems, ROAMpay is compatible with most major smartphones and uses the existing data plan. This is especially important for businesses with non-traditional locations, such as fairgrounds and sporting events.

Cash Advance
Merchant Cash Advance

New businesses often find it difficult to afford processing fees for POS systems, let alone have the cash for inventory or even payroll. The Merchant Cash Advance program allows businesses to take an advance that is repaid to Major Processing via future credit card receivables. Payment processing services are provided and instant cash advances are made based on anticipated future transactions. These advances can be used to meet payroll, pay taxes or purchase inventory. The Merchant Cash program allows new businesses to receive cash advances based on projected monthly sales.

Credit Card Machines / Terminals
Credit Card Machine / Terminal For Small Business

One responsibility a business has is processing payments from their clients. In the past, getting hold of payments entailed a representative to go clients just to claim the payments.

Businesses can process credit cards at the comforts of their office with the use of a credit card machine and credit card terminals. In most cases, terminals even come in a wireless configuration. One of the many advantages of choosing Major Processing is our capacity to program and configure any system that works with all major credit cards.

Payroll & Invoicing
Payroll and Invoicing Solutions

Merchant Payroll offers businesses a cost effective method to process payroll.

Major Processing has partnered with two of the largest payroll processing companies in the industry, providing customers with access to high quality payroll services that might otherwise not be available to them.

All data is kept confidential and secure.

These companies can also have access to benefits associated with payroll, such as health insurance, disability coverage, and Simple IRA plans.

Equipment Financing
Equipment Financing

Major Processing realizes that new businesses do not always have the capital to purchase up to date equipment. Their equipment financing division provides businesses the opportunity to apply on-line and receive a near immediate answer. Funds are then deposited directly into the business account. By financing equipment, businesses can conserve capital, save on down payments, and purchase current equipment. In addition, Major Processing can lease or finance equipment for the following industries: agriculture, construction, dry cleaning, fitness, medical, office and restaurants.

Credit Card and Debit Card Processing
eCommerce / Online Store Processing Solution

Credit card processing is one of the main ways retail businesses get paid. Major Processing processes credit card and debit card transactions in real time. In addition, Major Processing offers low processing rates for credit cards and a flat fee per transaction for debit card transactions. Debit card processing protects retailers from chargebacks and discount rates. In addition, Major Processing can accept debit cards issued from any bank in the United States. Major Processing accepts all the major credit cards. Transactions are transmitted with secure encryption protecting both the business and their customers.

Merchant payment services are as varied as business. Major Processing provides merchant services and solutions to fit any business.

Please note: The purpose of this site is to provide general information to businesses about accepting credit cards, credit card processing, and merchant cash advances. The contents of this site should not be construed as legal advice or opinion. The information contained herein is intended solely to give a general indication of possible available merchant services and does not constitute a solicitation to enter into a transaction.


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In 2011 we helped business process over $10 billions in credit cards transactions, while giving business owners the most competitive rate in history.

Don't forget to ask our merchant account specialists about our added benefits such as cash advances, factoring, payroll, electronic checks, and mobile processing.

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