Alabama Merchant Services / Accept Credit Cards
in a Number of Different Ways

As a merchant in Alabama, you need to accept credit cards in order to be successful. In order to accept and process credit cards, you are going to need a platform from which to do this through. Major Processing offers a number of different merchant services that allow you to do everything from credit card processing to paying your employees all from a single location. What's more, Major Processing is expanding their services in your area so that you can access to the latest technology when it comes to the way that you accept credit cards in general.

To begin, you need to choose specifically the kind of services that you are looking for. Major Processing offers you the ability to accept debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, checks, electronic checks and even mobile payments through smart phones. You can have the very latest in technology in your brick and mortar store, on your website with an eCommerce account or even via portable devices (accept credit cards on your smart phone when you have to go to a clients home to perform a service).

Mobile credit card acceptance is a growing trend. If you have access to a satellite signal for your smart phone, then you can accept any credit card via your smart phone. As a face painter, artist, mobile product vendor, house painter, independent contractor and more you can take credit cards without spending hundreds of dollars on a new terminal and security set up. Instead, you rely on the security of your cell phone service (and the high security offered by Major Processing), and take credit cards wherever you are in the world!

While many people are using debit and credit cards to pay for their purchases, there are still those individuals, especially the elderly and individuals who refuse to use plastic for purchases that use checks instead. Instead of depositing checks into your bank account and waiting for them to clear, you can use the electronic check processing services offered by Major Processing. This allows you to be debited directly from the payee's checking account just as if they used a debit card to make their purchase.

There are also millions of people who cannot get approval for a credit card and prefer or need to pay by check. If you have a business that accept checks, especially by phone or in the mail, Major Processing offers Guarantee Assurance so that you can feel confident accepting checks outside of the electronic check method.

Major Processing also offers you the ability to use your current credit card terminals or credit card machines or they provide you with the option of buying or leasing your own. Major Processing has the ability to program your current devices to work with their system and creates a POS integration with your current POS. This can equate to great savings if you have used terminals or have terminals from a past business that you are using once again. This is something that you won't find among many of the other credit card processing services, mostly because other services want you to work within their network with their equipment and nothing else.

Another thing that Major Processing offers is merchant cash advance options. Their FastCash program allows you to get a cash advance against your future credit card sales. This provides you with fast money if you suddenly need inventory, need to make payroll, pay your taxes, start a marketing campaign to expand your business or for any other reason that see fit. Although it's easier to get a large cash advance if you already have proven sales, Major Processing also works with new companies based on their projected sales, just in a smaller capacity.

If you are looking for payroll solutions, Major Processing can help you there as well. Their merchant payroll services allow you to process your payroll data through highly touted payroll systems. You can speak with payroll specialists through Major Processing to set up this service. This can be incredibly beneficial for smaller businesses who struggle with managing payroll in addition to other business duties.

Some of the expanded services that Major Processing will be using throughout Alabama are merchant processing services that include invoicing solutions and shopping cart solutions. The bottom line is that you will be able to get any type of payment acceptance service that you need, any kind of tracking solutions that you need and reduce some of the stress you face when maintaining your business via payroll.

Major Processing is also expanding their services to include high risk merchants. High risk merchants are merchants that sell products for the adult industry, offer dating services, rental car services, time share sales services and more. High risk merchants can also be merchants that filed for bankruptcy or have bad business credit. If you're a business that has struggled with finding an affordable credit card processing service because you're considered to be a high risk merchant, then Major Processing is a good fit for you.

Whether your a small vendor in the small town of Anderson, Alabama or you're one of thousands in a large city like Birmingham, Alabama, you can benefit from the many services available through Major Processing. Their expansion in your state won't stop at the smallest or largest towns and cities, every merchant in Alabama can utilize these services and upgrade their business.

One of the most common ways that any business can expand and appeal to more customers is by accepting multiple forms of payments. By choosing a service like Major Processing, you're ensuring that your credit card services are state of the art and are the most comprehensive and technologically forward options available.

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