Colorado Merchant Services / Accepts Credit Cards

Major Processing is expanding its services to enable eCommerce merchants to easily accept credit cards and process payments safely. Along with more innovative credit card processing services, we also now offer a check by net service to accept personal checks from customers, a fast cash program that offers cash advances for new businesses, a money for merchant service that offers merchants a cash advance, equipment leasing and financing for businesses, a new merchant payroll solutions program, mobile payment services and agent banking services. With lifetime warranties on terminals and other software and hardware programs and secure payment processing, Major Processing continues to offer a variety of services in many cities in Colorado. We offer a complete line of solutions for online merchants to help meet their needs in an affordable way in Denver and the surrounding area.

Online Merchant Gateways

Because we work with many top gateway providers, electronic payment solutions are at your door. Online merchants can now accept credit card payments quickly and easily with the assistance of our administrative staff. You can integrate your software system with programs like Quickbooks, making accounting procedures easier than ever before. Major Processing's electronic gateway options allow merchants the ability to accept checks and credit and debit cards, and with the use of a plug-in, they can also receive a mobile payment. There is no software to download with the First Data Global Gateway, just log in and conduct business with the assurance that all payments are processed safely.

Mobile Credit Card Processing Solutions

Using a secure system called ROAMPay, credit card processing can be done using a mobile phone. When working away from the office, online businesses can take orders and process payments without having to be in the office. For those who are attending a conference, a marketing event, or even during off hours, including weekends, payments can be processed without ever losing important sales that are vital to the success of the business.

Multiple Point of Sale Options

Online merchants can customize point of sale options with Major Processing's services. Merchant software solutions support many software systems including the use of a wireless network to process payments with state-of-the-art terminals, a check by net service that allows web store merchants to accept personal checks for payment with the assistance of excellent administrative support and POS integration with other software systems like Quickbooks, all with the support of most third party software solutions.

Money for Merchants

Businesses in Denver and the surrounding areas are now able to obtain a cash advance and pay it back with money that is based on future sales. The fast cash program is also a way Major Processing assists new businesses in purchasing supplies, paying payroll and payroll taxes and assisting businesses with paying for other company expenditures. The fast cash program is also based on future monthly sales.

The Payroll Program

The merchant payroll program is an affordable way to process payroll, pay payroll taxes, deduct and pay for disability insurance, life and health insurance and deduct, pay and track IRA or 401K payments. It offers payroll solutions for any size business, both small and large. Because it is innovative, keeping track of work hours can be done from a mobile phone, a laptop or a desk top computer while at work or home.

Equipment Leasing and Financing

With equipment leasing and financing available from Major Processing, businesses have the opportunity to fully operate their business with equipment that is vital to their success. No longer do they have to worry about how to purchase equipment, whether for an office, a construction business, a medical office or any other type of business. There is no need to have cash up front, businesses are able to get up dated equipment and applications can easily be filled out online.

Virtual Merchants

This service allows online merchants to add loyalty programs and gift cards to their web store as an added service to their customers. Customers can now purchase gift cards for family and friends at their favorite online store. They can shop using the company shopping cart, purchase gift cards, become loyalty program members to save money, and check out and pay for items using safe payment methods such as debit and credit cards or even personal checks.

Major Processing is expanding their services to Denver, Littleton, Englewood and other areas near Denver. With innovative software solutions for merchant services such as invoicing solutions, adding a shopping cart to an online store, easier merchant processing of all payment methods both online, via a mobile phone or using safe credit card terminals and debit and credit card machines, online merchants can accept credit cards easier and operate their business in a more efficient and effective way. The merchant payroll solution makes payroll tasks a breeze with Major Processing's excellent administrative support any time of the day or night. Equipment leasing and financing is now available, as well as merchant cash advances and fast cash for businesses who need a little help with business expenses.

Please note: The purpose of this site is to provide general information to businesses about accepting credit cards, credit card processing, and merchant cash advances. The contents of this site should not be construed as legal advice or opinion. The information contained herein is intended solely to give a general indication of possible available merchant services and does not constitute a solicitation to enter into a transaction.