Connecticut Merchant Services / Start Accepting Credit Cards

Major Processing is a merchant processing company that is already expanding into Connecticut, and is seeking to extend its services to other parts of the country that do not have them already.

Major Processing provides merchant services and solutions that include enabling those from whom their clients purchase goods and services to accept credit cards from them, whether these be retail companies, restaurants, mail or telephone corder companies, or eCommerce businesses. One of their major services to online entrepreneurs is "Check by Net," which makes online payments much easier. They also have debit card processing (many persons, incidentally, find these to be much more convenient than credit cards, because money is taken directly out of their bank accounts, among other advantages). And they provide multiple invoicing solutions as wll as payroll solutions- having more than one of both these groups is always a good idea- plus POS integration and merchant cash advance.

Naturally, Major Processing markets sophisticated technology designed to make credit cards processing a more efficient task. Merchant Data Gateway, for instance, makes it possible to accept cards over an IP address. Then there is First Data Global Gateway, where merchants can log in and accept credit card payments. And they sell state- of- the- art credit card machines that are used to swipe cards and print receipts. ROAMpay is a mobile payment program that allows the user to process cards using his smartphone- always a convenient way of performing functions that require a computer when none is accessible at the moment. The system works on all major brands of cell phone- iPhone, Blackberry, Bluetooth, and others.

All of the major credit card lines- Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and so on- are accepted by those who hold merchant accounts with Major Processing, which also offers added security for card not present transactions (i. e. those done over the phone, online, or by mail order. The extra security is necessary because such methods of purchase are among the most common routes for fraud, which is why the transaction rates imposed by credit card companies for CNP tend to be higher). Thanks to the organization's Internet Check Acceptance Service, check payments may also be electronically processed. In either case, the money is transferred directly from the customer's bank account to that of the business that accepted the payment.

Here is how ROAMpay works. First, the user logs into his Major Processing account, using his secure credentials. He attaches the ROAMpay swiper to the top of the phone, selects the option "credit sale," punches in the total amount of the items in the buyer's shopping cart, clicks sequentially on "Next" and "Swipe," and slides the card through the swiper, with the stripe facing the front. All the information stored in the card comes up on the phone screen. After hitting "Next," the operator can take down his own personal notes regarding the transaction, which he alone can view. Checking the "Send receipt" space and entering the customer's email address will cause a receipt to be sent to him. When the operator hits "Submit," the system will process the transaction in a few seconds and tell him whether it is valid or not. ROAMpay works exactly the same on all phones that support it.

Wireless credit card processing services are also offered by Major Processing for performing transactions outside "traditional" locations where a cardholding customer is present, such as a fair or a sports event. Credit card terminals also help customers communicate with Major Processing. Payroll technology gives merchants an efficient and confidential way to process their employee accounts and manage life and disability insurance.

As mentioned above, Major Processing has been expanding its services nationwide. If there is no viable merchant service for the banks in a particular area, that is where Agent Banking comes into play. By means of this program, such banks are furnished with the materials necessary to do their marketing. Major Processing assigns a relationship manager to the community served by that bank, who serves as a middleman between the two, making sure that the institution always has the machines they need and also keeping them informed of any updates in the technology. The bank's representative fills out a form, and Major Processing takes care of the necessary paperwork. Compensation is given to the bank each time a merchant account is successfully opened or a piece of equipment is sold or rented out. And the customer service provided for account holders is "unparalleled."

Benefits that various kinds of account- holding companies receive include:

  • Gift Cards for retail stores to provide incentives for consumers to buy more
  • Cash Advances program for restaurants so they can expand their activities by buying new machines and other products
  • Tier 2, for merchants deemed "high risk," who otherwise would have very little or no prospects of obtaining processing solutions
  • business solutions for gasoline customers

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