Delaware Merchant Processing / Start Accepting Credit Cards

When setting up a new merchant account, a business in today's world needs to find a merchant processing company to handle a variety of requirements that are mandatory to maintain a successful working environment on a daily basis.

Payment Processing

Aside from cash transactions merchants typically take payments for their products or services preferably through credit and debit cards, paper checks or e-checks. Processing electronic payments can be completed using a device that reads information from credit and debit cards and paper checks, inside a physical building, over the phone, online or be taken as a mobile payment.

POS Equipment Sales and Leasing

Major Processing in Delaware can program any system to accept credit cards quickly and easily by means of high quality credit card terminals backed by a full warranty. However, if a merchant needs to process payments over the Internet or through a smartphone, they can do so through a program a fast online gateway, that uses plug-ins, Quickbooks, a virtual terminal or through an Internet Protocol integration. These methods ensures connectivity with virtually any POS device anywhere in the United States.

Merchant Cash Advance

Major Processing of Delaware can offer cash advances entrepreneurs as well as long established merchants based on anticipated future credit card transactions. Cash advances help to meet the demands of payroll, marketing agendas, tax obligations, invoicing solutions, and available petty cash.

Credit Card/ Debit Card Processing

Credit card processing terminals are used in a majority of physical or "brick and mortar" establishments. However, online merchants can benefit through Major Processing of Delaware which offers the merchant community encryption of information and proficiency when processing e-payments by means of broadband, dial-up, leased line or Internet Protocol connections. The merchant gateway is an array of services that includes "real time" acceptance of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diner's Club, Carte Blanch, EBT and JCB Cards through proprietary interfaces as well as leading merchant industry software.

Equipment Leasing and Financing

Many companies share one thing in common. They all depend on certain equipment to stay afloat. These types of businesses need ready cash to buy such equipment. Leasing equipment through Major Processing of Delaware improves accuracy of budgeting, conserves cash flow, saves on down payments, offers tax benefits, and ensures that the merchant will receive up-to-date equipment.

Payroll Program

Through Merchant Payroll, we offer merchants cost savvy payroll solutions to efficiently and safely manage all of their employees needs. Major Processing of Delaware has collaborated with two large payroll industries, to help merchants process their employment information with the peace of mind knowing their data is processed confidentially and securely. Merchants can implement insurance services including health, disability and life insurance and simple IRA plans.

Virtual Merchant

Virtual merchants are not confined to a physical building or need to deal with overhead costs, and have the convenience of e-commerce options through third-party vendors that helps them to:

  • Complete Successful transactions from any Internet-ready PC or laptop
  • Authorize transaction capability to many users
  • Setup recurring Billpay
  • Eliminates installation software, system maintenance and upgrades
  • Minimizes risk of mishandling a card holder's information
  • Completes nightly settlement and batch from any location

Electronic Check Processing

Merchants can maximize their sales by catering to an estimated 50 million consumers who only pay for products and services through a checking account. Major Processing of Delaware can provide services for merchants such as Telecheck approval and Telecheck warranty. The service eliminates the need for employees to have to physically deposit checks to the bank.

High Risk Merchants

Major Processing of Delaware in the majority of scenarios can accommodate domestic high-risk merchants. They work with banks that underwrite businesses that are involved in non conventional or high volume commercial operations. In addition, industries that cannot be set up with an account domestically have the means to work with banks offshore and in Europe, in a professional and efficient manner.

Mobile Phone Processing

Major Processing of Delaware has available technology which allows merchant the ability to accept credit cards using wireless terminals, and Smart Phones. This method is secure and compliant with current regulations, and is offered through a service called ROAMpay that works with several major phone carriers. ROAMpay is PCI certified , ensuring that customer's personal information is encrypted before it's transferred from the merchant's cell phone, and is not retained. ROAMpay uses a merchant's current cell phone and calling plan, or can be used as a pay-per-data usage basis.

eCommerce / Online Store Processing

Because accepting check transaction is an ever growing base for many merchants over the Internet, merchant services by Major Processing of Delaware offers merchant processing by way of Check By Net. Consumers of a businesses' website can now select the option "Check By Net" and fill out a "cyber check" authorizing their payments.

Credit Card Machines / Terminals

Merchants can smoothly process transactions using credit card machines or terminals, with a variety of benefits including:

  • Low rates for processing credit, debit card transactions
  • Lifetime program warranties on equipment on a range of hardware options
  • Best suited for "brick and mortar" businesses that need to be fully operational 24/7

Script Language for Android and Apple Mobile Phones

Major Processing of Delaware, watches current trends with buying habits and has access to the next wave of technology at their fingertips. HTML5 is the standard script language used for Android and Apple phones. Web based merchants using electronic shopping cart options, and POS integration can now offer this payment option to consumers paying for products and services using their mobile phones.

Wireless Processing (Sports Events, Fairs, etc)

Merchants also have access to wireless networks to process credit card transactions who work outside of a building, such as carnivals, job sites,or sporting events, where the cardholder is present. This a convenient way for any merchant who is not established in one place. Major Processing for Delaware can be found online to assist merchants in the cities of Dover, Newark, Smyrna, and Wilmington.

Please note: The purpose of this site is to provide general information to businesses about accepting credit cards, credit card processing, and merchant cash advances. The contents of this site should not be construed as legal advice or opinion. The information contained herein is intended solely to give a general indication of possible available merchant services and does not constitute a solicitation to enter into a transaction.