Florida Start Accept Credit Cards / Merchant Services

Major Processing began right here in Florida. And they certainly have a feel for the pace of business and technological development of this area. As with all of the East Coast, Florida is on top of what's new and on the cutting edge. Even those spending most of time fishing out on the dock in Naples are savvy to the pace at which business changes. Major Processing provides merchant services for all types of businesses allowing them to take advantage of the latest technologies in credit card processing, making it easier to accept credit cards anywhere customers happen to be.

Over the years Major Processing has grown to provide merchant services all over the United States. They continue to focus on the needs of American business. There are very few places in the whole state of Florida that can't get a phone signal whether you are right in the center by Orlando, or right in the heart of Miami, or out on the panhandle by Pensacola. That means Major Processing can help you accept credit cards, anywhere in the state. If there is one crucial activity in the Great State of Florida, its' ringing people up.

Major Processing has Powerful Associates in Credit and Debit Card Processing

One of the greatest competitive advantages that Major Processing enjoys is that they use up to eight payment processing services at any given time, where other companies are only using one. This greatly reduces some of the biggest annoyances of merchant processing, the ability to make transactions of uncharacteristic amounts. Where other networks profile businesses, then lock them into a plan, Major Processing provides multiple avenues for transaction approval. Having that many partners in their credit card processing is a highly valued asset.

We Provide Business Machines and Support

The options for credit card terminals are many. There are machines that can maximize your space, some are made with certain transactions in mind, and some are made with Wi-Fi connections that increase customer service options. Major Processing also provides complete POS services for gas station terminals including receipts and inventory functions, as well as vending machines, parking lots and anywhere money is collected remotely. In addition, many of these payment processing devices can be run through The Merchant Gateway. This, essentially, is the coordinating software that allows you to integrate with bookkeeping programs like QuickBooks or add plug-ins for specific purposes. It's made to be very user friendly for merchants no matter what their business may be.

Mobilize Your Customers and Your Employees

Mobile payment processing can have a very liberating effect on traditional brick and mortar business as well as those that are on the move. Businesses getting clogged up by lines at the cash register can now use mobile devices and collect payments from customers right as they pick out their items. This can eliminate the need to go to the till for all but cash customers. Businesses that take advantage of the new technology in mobile credit card terminals will soon be joined by all their competitors. Those that don't will be leaving that business behind.

The Major Processing Competitive Advantage

At Major Processing the bread and butter product is credit card machines and payment processing. And there are other companies to choose from. In addition to their prestigious payment processing network, here are several other reasons to choose Major Processing.

  • Immediate bank approval
  • Cash back to customers at the time of transaction
  • low per transaction fee
  • 24 hr support network on our toll free line

All of these features are through the payment network and are available with all mobile products as well.

Major Processing has a full line of eCommerce services for those who run their business from their lap top computer. Mobile credit card acceptors can be hooked to a lap top or merchants can even sign up for a ROAM card reading device. With this device those who rely on door to door sales can now make their presentation, show their products, order and collect their payment, all in the presence of their customer. Immediate payment approval goes a long way toward eliminating buyer's remorse.

E-commerce for E-Business Business on the Move

In addition to mobile credit card processing, they also offer invoicing solutions, sent by e-mail, that have interactive links connecting up to payment processing and also collecting E- signatures. Major Processing can also monetize websites with their payment options and shopping carts that adapt to any online businesses needs.

Major Processing can Help Business in ways Beyond Data Processing

Major Processing has payroll solutions available for those companies that want to streamline their payroll process and offer their employees more. By working with major payroll processing companies they can offer premium payroll services to their clients. With this service merchants can compute and deduct taxes, get printed checks or arrange for direct deposit, and provide medical and dental services. Another way that Major Processing is helping merchants is by providing a merchants cash advance. This allows short term loans that previously were hard to get for persons that are self employed. They also provide long term loans that help businesses with seed money. They have loaned money for agricultural equipment, business expansion and of course cash machines and POS integration.

Keeping Florida Business Humming

After a good look, one can see Major Processing is a versatile, multi- faceted business service. Florida's rich tourist industry has a long history of spawning merchants and Major Processing, as a local company, wants to help Florida citizens carry on that legacy. As well as carry on their business.

Please note: The purpose of this site is to provide general information to businesses about accepting credit cards, credit card processing, and merchant cash advances. The contents of this site should not be construed as legal advice or opinion. The information contained herein is intended solely to give a general indication of possible available merchant services and does not constitute a solicitation to enter into a transaction.