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For merchants who run a business today chances are they accept credit cards, have one or more credit card machines, or credit card terminals. In the world of credit card processing Major Processing has established an industry leading set of merchant services, credit card processing services, back office services, and all the equipment to support any payment type desired. Whether a business is an eCommerce customer with an online shopping cart or accepts mobile payments Major Processing has both the equipment and services to support any business, and with such an extensive portfolio of ways to make what any business does better they have begun to expand into the Hawaiian Islands rapidly.


Major Processing is expanding into the Hawaiian Islands and cities like Honolulu, Lahaina, Kapa'a and many others. They have a full suite of services for both the front of the store and the back office. Major Processing offers payment processing, credit and debit card processing, virtual merchant services, electronic check processing and much more for the front of the house.

In the back office Major Processing has payroll solutions, invoicing solutions, merchant cash advance services, and full service POS integration so what is sold out front is marked as coming out of stock in the back. Major Processing is a full service merchant processing company that is exceptionally well versed in all aspects of how to handle whatever transactions a particular business handles most (Payroll Program More Info)

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The unique structure of Major Processing allows them to ensure any system can be programmed to accept transactions. They have partnered with nine front end processors making them a very unique player in the transaction processing market. They can handle any unique credit card systems. For new businesses Major Processing offers equipment leasing and financing second to none in the industry. For businesses who would rather own the equipment they have POS sales arrangements as well (POS Equipment Sales and Leasing).

Major Processing' POS transaction equipment is state of the art and the best in the industry. They can help every business accept electronic payments in any form. Whether the business is a traditional brick and mortar location who wants a fixed piece of equipment or a seasonal merchant in an open air market, fair, or sporting event Major Processing has the gear to make the transactions flow.

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Hottest New Trends-Mobile Transactions

The hottest new trend in the transaction world right now is in the realm of mobile processing. Smart phones and tablets are becoming common place pieces of equipment everyone either has or has access to use. With Major Processing' ROAMpay any smart phone or internet capable tablet can become a credit card processing terminal. Even if the phone or tablet doesn't have a data plan ROAMpay from Major Processing is configured in such a way to still function at a cost of mere pennies per transaction. The ROAMpay device is also PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant so all transactions are conducted securely.

Getting a Business Off the Ground

Major Processing has a wide variety of services for the start up business or the seasoned veteran who needs some help entering a new market. The Merchant Cash Advance program is designed to help businesses find the capital they need based on transaction processing projections. Major Processing takes historic data and projects future sales. Based on these numbers they open up a line of credit for the merchant that can be paid off as the expected transactions are processed. This flexible system grows as the merchant's business grows with no extra paperwork at either end once established (Merchant Cash Advance More Info).

Major Processing is expanding into the Hawaiian Islands, and they are poised to make a difference for those businesses that are savvy enough to get on board. With next generation payment processing equipment and technology that leads the industry, Major Processing is going to be a player for a long time to come and they are looking for partners to share the ride. Their services like Virtual Merchant, electronic check processing, eCommerce, and smart phone processing will lead the way for all those who are wise enough to join them. Click on any of the links included above for more information or click on this one to see some more of the cutting edge technology that is leading the expansion of Major Processing in Hawaii.

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