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Major Processing is not only growing but it has also expanded its processing capabilities to better serve client's needs and preferences. Major Processing has already a number of satisfied clients across United States, specifically in, New York, Florida, California, Ohio, Georgia, Las Vegas and Ohio, to name a few. Nowadays, everything is within the reach of your fingertips through online transactions. Major Processing offers flexibility in payment options.

Major Processing offers an "all-in" ecommerce transaction which accepts credit cards, check or cash payments over the internet. Major Processing provides a modernized transaction processing system for collecting funds. Merchants are assured with PCI-DSS certified Gateway Solutions, a protected process and comprehensive information needed to manage business. Credit card processing is a breeze with their state-of-the-art credit card terminals which has a lifetime equipment warranties on various hardware options. Major Processing offer different styles of credit card machines.

Major Processing has a flexible system as it allows multiple POS integration system options within its structure. Major POS from companies like Verifone, Micros, and Aloha, IcVerify as well as other majority third party POS providers are currently available to merchants.

Checks processed through Major Processing are treated like credit card transactions. Check transactions are routed in Automated Clearinghouse, where it is automatically debited to the check holder's account and credited to the merchant's account. Merchants can now offer mail, telephone and fax orders through Major Processing Check By Phone program. It accepts guaranteed checks through mail, telephone and fax. This program allows merchants to tap in or encourage possible 50 million American customers who cannot obtain credit card.

Major Processing also caters to merchants who opt to accept debit cards and EBT cards. Since debit cards are linked to its cardholder's checking account, funds are instantly credited to the merchants account. Thus, there are no charge backs, bounced checks and merchants will not pay for discount rate.

Major Processing are a step-ahead when it comes to ecommerce. Major Processing offers complete internet solution, from web design, web hosting and invoicing solutions. Its multiple software capabilities allow real-time inventory on shopping cart, followed by a successful online purchasing on check out with its secure encrypted payment processing bundled with a customized invoice. Major Processing' Merchant Data Gateway allows merchant to accept credit card and electronic checks payment through their online shopping sites. Through Merchant Gateway, they can easily utilize plug-ins that support mobile payments, Quickbooks integration or integrated IP connectivity. Electronic checks payment includes the services of TeleCheck® Warranty and TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance® to render a risk-free, real-time authorization, check approval. This payment solution can boost working proficiency and raise revenue by featuring a tougher fraud protection, instant cash, and low-cost aggregation. Merchant processing has never been easier. Truly with Major Processing every payment transaction is possible, it doesn't take a genius to learn the ropes of success.

Credit card payment is not only possible through credit card terminals, but also through mobile. Mobile payment is possible using ROAMpay, computers and cell phones can now become a virtual terminal. It works on hundreds of mobile phones, not just on iPhone. It also ensures secured, successful transaction being PCI certified. Major Processing also offer wireless payment processing to merchants who work on non-traditional locations, like fairs, sporting events, and job sites, where a credit card holder is present.

Some clients need additional funding for expansion, pay taxes or marketing initiatives. Major Processing offer Merchant Cash Advance, which can be repaid through future card receivables. New businesses can very much benefit from this program because it offers financial flexibility to better support a budding business.

Major Processing offers cost-effective payroll solutions. It processes employment data with accuracy and confidentiality. Other than payroll services, merchants can also utilize life insurance, health insurance, disability and simple IRA plans.

Small businesses with not enough cash to purchase heavy equipment to harness production capabilities need not fret. Instead of buying equipment which makes a business vulnerable to high costs of obsolescence, leasing has tax deduction benefits and it allows flexibility if an equipment upgrade without worrying on its resale value. Major Processing's equipment leasing provides financing programs with low down payments and favorable payment terms. Major Processing has skilled staff that can assist you in choosing the right, up-to-date equipment suitable to business needs and demands.

Major Processing also offers a program for businesses who falls under the category of high-risk merchants, like: companion services, website payments, ticket brokers, wholesale imports, outbound telemarketing, travel agents, trial offers, infomercial, nutraceuticals, collection agencies, membership, online pharmacy, replica/ watches/ bags/ jewelry, medical discount cards, and auto warranties; businesses placed on the terminated merchant file; and businesses with a high number of chargeback's. Major Processing's High Risk Program enables these high-risk merchants to obtain a processing solution.

Major Processing' wide array of merchant services and solutions is available throughout the entire United States. It has strong relationship with some of the largest FDI insured banks in the United States, Software integrators, and Alternative Payment providers. Alliances formed by Major Processing allow them to provide their clients with the most technologically advanced and secure payment processing solutions. Thus, Major Processing is a one-stop shop for all payment processing needs.

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