Setting up a business to accept credit cards in Kansas just got easier

Businesses in the state of Kansas have a new partner expanding into their area. Major Processing is entering the state and cities like Wichita, Salina, Overland Park, and Lenexa just to name a few. Major Processing offers the most comprehensive suite of merchant services in the credit and debit card processing industry.

We have more solutions and know more about how to get transactions from your store front to your bank account than any one else. We have more flexibility in how we can help you process your transactions than any other service provider in the state of Kansas. We have more ways to help grow your business in your existing territory or new territories than the competition, and we have more industry know how than any one you have seen yet.

Most people are not aware of how much infrastructure is behind the scenes to allow a merchant to accept credit cards for payment of goods or services. At the point of sale the customer is not aware of the number of hours of effort that goes into building the systems, testing the credit card machines, and making sure everything works when they slide their card or the numbers are keyed in. The only thing the customer cares about at the point of sale is if the transactions processed quickly and were they allowed to purchase their goods or services the way they wanted?

For merchants this same statement holds true to a slightly lesser degree. Most merchants know more than the customers because they touch more of the merchant processing system. The merchant understands which credit card terminals work better for his operation typically. What the merchants do not see is all the work that goes into the credit card processing back end systems. The merchants do not know about all the hours spent making sure all the various combinations of ways to pay, equipment message formats used by front ends mesh with card authorizers, data flows to backend settlement processors, file formats contain all the data elements needed to ensure merchant monies move to the right merchant accounts, etc. All the merchant really cares about is was his customer happy and did his business get credited with the purchase?

Major Processing knows and understands the intricacies of the entire credit and debit card transaction process. We specialize in taking your unique technology and connecting it to existing processing platforms so you can do business the way you need to do business. Our Complete array of services are here to compliment how you do business not change it.

If you want to lease your POS equipment we have a sales and leasing arrangement that is right for you. If you would rather own your equipment we can accommodate you there too. If you already own your equipment or have a custom solution we can work with you to fully integrate and support that solution as well.

If you are not a traditional store front and do business on the go such as at a fair, convention center, sporting event or other remote location we have a selection of mobile payment options as well. If eCommerce, doing business online, is how you run things Major Processing can support this platform too with shopping cart software or virtual terminal technology.

All these services cover the front of your business, but we offer services that fully integrate and utilize the power of the Major Processing platforms. We have payroll solutions to make sure those people who power your business can get paid in a timely manner through our payroll solutions program. If you are looking for an inventory control solution we have that as well as incorporating invoicing solutions for business to business sales.

For those new businesses looking to build or for existing businesses that need capital to expand we have a financing solution that is unique, affordable, and simple to implement. Major Processing's Cash Advance program utilizes the power of your credit and debit card transactions to finance the growth of your business. Major Processing uses historical data projecting future transaction dollars and bases loan values from those future dollars. We then make those funds available to your business s you need them. The payment plans are incorporated into your transaction deposit flow so you never have to worry about it.

Whether your business is a traditional brick and mortar location, remote and mobile, fully online, or needs complete POS integration Major Processing can handle all your transaction needs. Major Processing has best in class services with top name providers integrating all facets of the credit card and debit card processing world. We can get your new business up and accepting credit cards in any city in Kansas faster, cleaner, and better than anyone you have ever worked with. For all your electronic payments needs please visit us at today so we can have you back to doing business tomorrow.

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