Major Credit Card Processing in Massachusetts

Small business is at the heart of the US economy, but today's monetary systems and forms of payment have become almost completely computer based and consolidated into larger and larger banks. Money for all intents and purposes is no longer a physical entity, but symbols that float in a database of information with no real existence other than what we suggest they represent through social consensus. It is the very rare person that walks into a store and wants to pay cash. However, the forms of payment customers are using these days are not always verifiable without some connection to the monetary virtual database shared by all, where these new forms of money exist. This is where the concept of shared databases and point of sale fund verification tools become very important for merchants of any size who want to grow their businesses by accepting electronic forms of payment in addition to cash.

When a merchant is in the midst of a transaction, and there are people waiting in line to check out as soon as they can, the vendor is looking to provide speedy customer service, but not at the expense of the store's bottom line. The old fashioned credit card processing method of imprinting the numbers on a carbon paper and calling in the amounts later is very risky in that the vendor never knows if the item has actually been paid for before it walks out the door with the customer. It becomes labor intensive and costly if not impossible to either recall the unpaid item back to the store, or to eventually recover the funds from the customer if their first form of payment did not go through.

Here is where a merchant services company can be very helpful in providing secure and fast point of sale transaction verification's so that a vendor can accept credit cards, checks, etc. with a measure of assurance that the money will be available to the customer at hand. Major Processing is one company that provides these and other services to businesses in several regions across the United States, including Massachusetts and the surrounding areas from Boston to Tyngsborough. They are currently growing and expanding their capabilities in the greater state of Massachusetts, and can provide a wide array of helpful cost-saving tools for stores of all shapes and sizes.

For the internal workings of a company, Major Processing provides things like payroll solutions so that when current pay periods end, processing of checks goes smoothly and as error free as possible. For the company to external customer/supplier tools, there are invoicing solutions that keep the flow of materials and contracted labor organized and paid on time. Major Processing even provides Merchant Cash Advance services that allow a business to meet its short-term financial obligations, such as payroll, through expected credit sale returns in the future.

Many businesses are online or on the internet these days, and do not actually have a physical or brick and mortar store to process payments through. For these types of merchants, Major Processing can provide eCommerce and website shopping cart tools that can make secure and verified payments online possible with reduced risk and worry. Major Processing actually offers a full range of products for businesses either looking to expand online, or to start up a brand new internet venture. Some of those services include web hosting and even web design.

For brick and mortar stores that accept credit cards and checks, Major Processing provides credit card machines, credit card terminals, and check readers that are compatible with all major point of sale systems and can achieve POS integration. Major Processing can integrate its services into any system that accepts credit cards, and has the use of Payment Processing Software. This allows merchants to communicate with Major Processing in the way that works best for them, and not be limited by a particular network specific to Major Processing.

Mobile payment is a very convenient way for customers to pay for goods and services both online and in person. It has been used in different ways around the world, and here in the US has tended to be Web App Based with credit or debit card payments. As we continue along the path of greater mobility as a society, the incentive to carry less with us throughout the day leads to the search for one device that does it all; calendar, phone, form of payment, to do list, phone book, etc. There are several different ways a customer can pay and a merchant can receive this type of payment, and Major Processing has the latest technology to provide this service for its customers. One major coffee house company for example has created mobile payments for both its online customers, and those physically in their stores. Instead of using a loyalty or credit card, the customer uses an application on their phone to debit their virtual loyalty cards. These cards can also be virtually refilled the same way over the internet on their mobile devices. A simple mobile web payment that has the customer enter their credit card number the first time, and just authenticate for future purchases with a pin is one example of a revenue generating payment option.

Merchant processing of payments has evolved several times over the span of human history, and will most likely continue to change so long as innovation and new creations are brought into existence by human ingenuity. Major Processing will be there for the changes and to help all businesses be successful in the new and ever changing marketplace of goods and services.

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