eCommerce and Payment Processing Solutions

The reputation of your business rises and falls on the safety and security of your customer's information. Just one botched transaction can cause ripples that shake the very foundations of your business. A breach of your critical systems, up to and including data-loss or theft, can spell catastrophe. A moment's failure may cause a potentially unrecoverable loss of customer trust. Whether you process thousands of transactions per day, or just a handful, each and every one of these transactions represents both an opportunity, and a risk.

Major Processing is an industry-leading ecommerce solutions provider. No matter which type of business you're in, Major Processing can provide a comprehensive e-commerce solution using the latest technology to drive sales, manage inventory and grow your business. Major Processing provides solutions utilizing today's strongest and most secure payment processing technologies, with a constant eye toward the early adoption and implementation of the innovative technologies of the future.

Whether you buy or lease your Point of Sale system directly from Major Processing or integrate Major Processing technology into your current system, Major Processing can optimize your sales transactions and substantially improve the productivity of your business. Major Processing works with the largest number of front-end transaction processing networks of any payment-processing service provider, ensuring that no matter what your current Point of Sale system technology happens to be, Major Processing can handle all of your Point of Sale data-processing needs safely and efficiently.

Properly integrating Point of Sale systems into your business is a critical element of your success. Major Processing offers the widest range of POS systems and solutions on the market today. From mobile payment solutions to online merchant payment gateway implementation, merchant software, and communications solutions, Major Processing provides some of the most robust Point of Sale systems and support available anywhere. Industry leading hardware and software solutions backed by 24 hour technical support and the strongest warranty programs on the market are standard issue when MP handles your Point of Sale system needs

For the online merchant, shopping carts are the most important front-end technology that customers regularly interface with. As a back-end technology, the data that carts generate is equally important. This being the case, an efficient shopping cart is a mission-critical element of any online business.

Integrating credit card transactions with your online shopping carts provides a seamless shopping experience for your customers. This integration also provides you the merchant with a fast and convenient way to process e-commerce transactions, and bring in much needed revenue. Safely and securely combining these systems helps to prevent technical problems and dangerous threats such as data-theft.

Major Processing can help you add powerful features to your current e-cart solution. Features that seamlessly process data in the background, keeping your customers shopping, while the support services run in behind the scenes; securing customer data, and efficiently processing completed transactions. Verify your data with payment gateways from effortlessly; with no added delay to the front-end consumer experience.

Modern business is made possible through the application of sophisticated inventory management systems. By applying efficient inventory management methods, businesses can control their inventories and avoid both the burden of excess inventory, and the crisis of not having sufficient inventory in stock. Major Processing can help your business to implement a modern inventory management system that resolves your inventory worries permanently.

Getting inventory issues under control is a sure method of increasing your profitability. With an inventory control solution from Major Processing, even the largest retailers can streamline their inventories, virtually eliminating misallocated resources and wasted manpower. Inventory control solutions From Major Processing are yet another way that Major Processing Solutions provides merchants with the tools they need in order to focus on growing their businesses, while remaining confident that critical secondary tasks are competently taken care of.

Increasingly, consumers are turning to mobile devices to complete their transactions. The traditional PC is slowly being overtaken by mobile computing devices as the dominant method of making purchases online. Major Processing can offer your business robust mobile e-commerce options that leverage the latest technologies and protocols, ensuring that you'll never miss a sale because of system incompatibility. Major Processing was an earlier adopter of HTML5 technologies, which provide full compatibility with the overwhelming majority of mobile devices on the market.

Understanding the merchant services technologies that are recent arrivals to the e-commerce sector, or are expected to come online in the very near future, is important to Major Processing Solutions. Implementing innovative new ecommerce solutions such as real-time POS inventory management, virtual merchants and electronic checks, gives MP customers a serious advantage in their business operations. Making sure that these technologies are implemented in a safe and secure way is a cornerstone of Major Processing Solution's business philosophy.

Recent developments in wireless technology allow merchants to process credit card payments securely over wireless networks. This breakthrough permits merchants who work in non-conventional environments, such as outdoor and sporting events, to quickly implement a method of accepting credit cards that gives their customers the flexibility to make credit card purchases securely. Greater payment options for businesses translate into more sales and faster growth.

No matter what your credit card processing, POS, or inventory control needs, Major Processing Solutions can find an integrated solution that works for your business, and grows with you as you expand. Major Processing Solutions offers forward-looking technology that keeps pace with advances in the ecommerce sector as they come online.

Simple solutions to complex problems allow businesses to flourish in the online marketplace. Getting bogged down by frustrating infrastructure or failed solutions can dramatically impact your bottom-line. Major Processing understands that rock-solid transaction and payment processing systems are the foundation from which successful businesses grow. This is why every employee at Major Processing is completely dedicated to ensuring that your critical payment-processing infrastructure operates at peak efficiency at all times. Your success is our mission; contact Major Processing and get started on creating your comprehensive payment processing solution today.

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