Mobile Processing

Accepting Credit card Payments with Your Phone

The ability to accept payment is the most basic element of business; the easier it is for the consumer to make a purchase, the better for the business. The more payment options a merchant provides, the more likely they are to make the sale, likewise, limitations on the types of payment methods a customer can use, can severely limit the amount of money a business stands to make.

Up until fairly recently, businesses were limited in their ability to accept credit card payments. Businesses that did not operate in a brick and mortar setting were limited to taking cash or checks and so were faced with the inconvenience of having to deposit the checks and of dealing with bounced checks. The rise of powerful mobile technology has changed this, the mobile credit card processing wireless users have long desired is now here. Businesses that operate outside of a standard storefront now have an ability that was previously closed to them. With a standard mobile phone and any kind of data plan, they can accept credit card payments securely and quickly.

Phone Credit Card Processing

The ROAMpay X app allows users to swipe credit cards via a swiper attachment that fits the headphone jacks found on the majority of modern cellphones. This means that whether the merchant has an iPhone, Android phone, or Blackberry, they can turn their phone into a mobile credit card processor. ROAMpay also offers a virtual merchant terminal that can be accessed from any PC or Apple computer that has a browser installed and an active Internet connection.

Security Concerns About Mobile Payments

As with any new development that has to do with finances, the first and most natural question is how secure is it? Naturally, consumers are wary when it comes to sharing their information via electronic devices. The data sent in mobile transactions is extremely secure. The data sent from ROAMpay's card-readers is encrypted and their network is certified by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. The PCISSC is a global standards body with the responsibility of monitoring and ensuring the security of payment cards. The data in a transaction is encrypted before it leaves the merchant's cellphone, with none of it saved on the cellphone itself.

Ease of Use

Use of the ROAMpay swiper is extremely simple with each transaction taking four steps:

  • The merchant logs into their ROAMpay X mobile credit card terminal on their cellphone.
  • They then attach the device.
  • They swipe the card.
  • Enter the customer's contact information so that they can receive an email receipt.

Mobile card processing is the same regardless of which type of device the merchant opts to use for the wireless payment transaction. ROAMpay is also fully compatible with the different brands of Point of Sale software that many merchants already use, therefore integrating it will cause no problems.

The Versatility of ROAMpay

ROAMpay X offers merchants far more than just being able to take payments, they can also make refunds, voids, and process cash sales as well as apply taxes and tips. It provides everything a merchant needs to make sales outside of a traditional business venue. The app even allows them to complete transactions offline if they have no service in their present location. The fact that the ROAMpay service depends on cellular networks means that a merchant's payment options are as portable as their cellphone.

For merchants who use older analog technology to process credit cards, there is that option, too, as ROAMpay also works with the traditional method which uses a telephone line.

Merchants who have the opportunity to make sales outside of a storefront, for example at concession stands, fairs or flea markets are now able to do so. This also benefits the consumer in that their ability to purchase is not limited. They do not need to carry cash or find an ATM in order to make a purchase.

Other Major Processing Services

ROAMpay is just one of the payment options available from Major Processing. The internet is playing an increasingly important role in how businesses handle credit card transactions. For example, a check can be processed like credit cards, meaning that it becomes entirely electronic and there is no need to actually go to the bank to deposit a paper check. The same goes for orders taken over the telephone or via fax or by mail. Merchants can accept checks and credit cards by phone. In all cases, the funds are guaranteed and the merchant is certain to receive payment whether or not the customer has the funds in their account. The transactions work in a manner similar to direct deposited paychecks in that they are processed by the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH).

Major Processing also offers solutions for web-based businesses. Internet merchants can take payment via check securely around the clock, thus providing their customers with another payment option. The merchant even has to option to print the checks out themselves.

Another important payment option is the ability to accept payment by debit card and electronic benefits transfer cards (EBT). With every card being tied to an account, the merchant is guaranteed payment.

Please note: The purpose of this site is to provide general information to businesses about accepting credit cards, credit card processing, and merchant cash advances. The contents of this site should not be construed as legal advice or opinion. The information contained herein is intended solely to give a general indication of possible available merchant services and does not constitute a solicitation to enter into a transaction.